The following list includes clinicians of exceptional therapeutic skills and insights. As clinicians, these professionals represent the top 20% of the profession who integrate research, actively pursue continued education beyond minimum standards, and pursue effectiveness in praxis. These clinicians show strong prospects for contributions and service to the profession, exhibit cross-cultural competencies, knowledge, leadership, relational qualities, and advocacy skills not attributed to graduate school clinical training and education. These professionals exceed the generally expected standards of clinical competency and psychotherapy practice. I recommend them with no reservations. 

MFTC Private Practice/Agency/Profile Specialization Email
Ⓣ Brittney Blanchard, MA, MFTC Blanchard Healthcare Autonomic Healing Activation (AHA), creatively adapted couples therapy, grief and loss, therapy for therapists
Ⓣ Travis Call, MA, MFTC Military, Couples
Ⓣ Kevin Culver, MA, LPCC Men's groups, trauma
Ⓣ Zachariah Garney, MA, LMFT Mt. Carmel Military Services Military, men's issues, couple therapy, supervision
Ⓣ Stephany Gonzalez, MA, MFTC Multicultural/Spanish Bilingual, relational ethics, family conflict
Ⓣ Rosemary A. Leone, MA, MFTC Family Therapy, Grief and Loss, LGBTQIA+, multiculturalism
Ⓣ David Lieberman, MA, MFTC Polyamory, Mens' issues, LGBTQ Therapy
Ⓣ Victoria Madden, MA, MFTC Couples experiencing disconnection, men's shame,therapy for therapists
Ⓣ Karina Olivas, MA, MFTC Multicultural/Spanish Bilingual, vehicle accident trauma, couples therapy, marginalization, oppression